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Modernity, relevance, scientific and factual authenticity, integrity of a cause and effect essay on smoking will make your work qualitative and useful.

Scientists cite the following data: if tobacco tar would be extracted from one thousand of cigarettes, up to 2 milligrams of a strong carcinogenic substance will be found in it.

This dose is sufficient to cause a malignant tumor in a body of a rat or rabbit.

It can be a standard thesis statement on smoking with the subsequent confirmation of the main idea.

Students prove expressed points of view using researches of physicians and psychologists.

Such an approach will reduce a credibility of a referent and the content of a research paper about smoking.

Thus, sources should be reliable and not bear subjective unconfirmed conclusions.

Also, the work may have elements of a literary composition in which you will express your own attitude to the topic.

As far as the abstract is concerned about the dangers of tobacco, the introductory part should have a convincing thesis about smoking. For example, you may write a smoking should be banned in public places essay. You can set out different points of view and lead a reader to the opinion that you think is correct.

Mention that each smoker who consumes 20 cigarettes per day voluntarily shortens his life by five years. The mortality among smokers is on average 50% higher than among non-smokers.

Sooner or later, lovers of cigarettes develop pathological changes in airways, heart, vessels, gastrointestinal tract, which leads to the appearance of serious illnesses.


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