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I collected Story Book Dolls from countries around the world and pictured people from all the different countries being happy and living in peace.I attended Punahou school in Hawaii, and then the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, where I majored in Philosophy and Education.

Before she died she told me she was going to die and her spirit would always be with me.

My vision in those younger days was for everyone to be happy and for there to be world peace.

It is still my spiritual home and I carry it with me wherever I go.

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Since 2010, I have been arguing that expanding the forms of the dissertation must be a cornerstone for responding to these conditions—precisely because it is the hardest nut to crack on the way to transforming the humanities doctorate.

Both the SSHRC white paper and MLA task force report recognized this need for more flexibility in definition, form, and project of the dissertation.

No “thinking outside the box” with regard to the dissertation took place at meetings of English department faculty and students sponsored by the Carnegie Initiative on the Doctorate, in which I participated as chair of the English department at Michigan.

And the seven-year project undertaken by the Council of Graduate Studies, and funded by the Ford Foundation and Pfizer, nowhere raises central issues about the dissertation as a genre of scholarly production in its recent, fourth monograph out of the project, entitled There are reasons for the continuing investment in the dissertation monograph.

I was diagnosed as having malignant melanoma and told I had six months to live.

The Kahuna believe we learn through our experiences and my healing journey became my life lesson after my years in academia.


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