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The trait approach is consistent with this perception because it is built on the premise that leaders are different, and their difference resides in the special traits they possess.

It is said “Get the right man in the leadership job and all your problems will be solved.”In the words of Millett, “Leadership is often thought of as being primarily personal in character, as being founded upon individual pre-eminence or accomplishment in a particular field of endeavour.

Superior strength, superior cunning, superior intelligence, superior knowledge, superior determination—any or all of these may be means to the attainment of leadership.”No one can deny that these personal qualities do pay dividends but leadership is not all personal pre-eminence.

Since power is dispersed throughout the organisation, leadership too is dispersed.

There is no denying the fact that leadership is provided at several levels in the hierarchy but at the same time, the top leader’s role cannot be dismissed.

Trait Approach to Studying Leadership Sheila Pounder LDR/531 May 30, 2012 John Healy Trait Approach to Studying Leadership The trait approach to studying leadership uses the assumption that some people are natural leaders with certain attributes that pertains to their personality, motives, values, and skills (Yuki, p. The studies sort to identify what are the specific traits of leadership.

Examples of some of the leadership traits the study found are high intelligence and action-oriented judgment, task competence, achievement-oriented, the ability to motivate people, courage, and resolution driven.

So long, we had been under the shackles of a foreign government which was not committed to the welfare of the people.

Leadership, if any, had therefore, grown on authoritarian pattern.

It is really very difficult to attempt a definition of leadership or in other words, it is difficult to define what makes certain persons ‘leaders’.

Barnard has rightly put it “Indeed, I have never observed any leader who was able to state adequately or intelligently why he was able to be a leader, nor any statement of followers that acceptably expressed why they fol­lowed.”Leadership is often regarded as the important modifier of organization behaviour.


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