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This idea needs a literature review to find out how many times this has been done and whether there are any recent papers in this area related to accounting programs. A pragmatic model to estimate journal quality in accounting. Part of faculty behavior can be explained by recognizing that academic people are very individualistic, egocentric, and competitive. Are the management accounting folks and AIS folks working together on this? I don't know of an easy way to do that, but there is another paper opportunity here.

(Johnson referred to it as remote control management).

- with the organization that employs them, or with the profession.

My idea here is simply to do a follow up paper on "Who is running American corporations"?

Enterprise resource planning systems, management control and the quest for integration. My perception is that every corporate accounting system is different.

(This is a reprint of their 1980 article with a retrospect by Hayes on page 141). ____________________________________________________ Some related articles: Baiman, S. Journal of Management Accounting Research 26(2): 119-121.


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