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Note that this course uses an older edition (3d edition) of this textbook.This is helpful because it's cheaper: you can get it used from several places!It is made available as a PDF file on coursesite each Tuesday, and should be handed in in two steps.

Note that this course uses an older edition (3d edition) of this textbook.This is helpful because it's cheaper: you can get it used from several places!

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Open the Introduction to Mastering assignment and select the Introduction to Symbolic Answers item.

This assignment provides practice items for different kinds of questions.

Some questions ask you to enter a symbolic math answer without also entering a unit.

You can answer these questions on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

They are done on-line in your masteringphysics account twice a week, and they are discussed in recitations.

Mastering Physics Homework Answers Mongolian Air Pollution Essay

As a rule, new homework assignments become available on Thursdays, to be completed by Midnight the following Tuesday, and they become available on Tuesdays, to be completed by the midnight of Thursdays.Also, beware that the Lehigh bookstore may charge more than what you would pay if you purchase the registration on-line.All materials that will be made available for this class will be posted on coursesite.These will be a PDF of the weekly "learning homework", homework solutions, and additional handouts such as lecture plans, summaries, or "fact sheets" with formulas that should not necessarily be memorized.These are the weekly on-line homework assignments to exercise the concepts and techniques learned in class and through reading assignments.Note that the Tuesday homework needs to be done over the next two days, while the Thursday homework needs to be done over the next 5 days, including weekend.The Learning Homework (LHW) is a one-problem homework, done on paper, that is designed to promote communication and discussions (between students and between students and instructors) and that will help understand a technique or a topic that is of particular interest or relevance.Here it is important that you enter your Lehigh email ID (the six character string before the "" in your official email address).Also, when the system asks for a textbook, look for "Knight, Physics for Scientists & Engineers, 3/e".(If you can, don't get the newer edition, they re-ordered some chapters in there.) Only the chapters you need for this course: All students must use Mastering Physics. The course ID that you will need to enter is "MP2019BIAGGIOPHY21".After entering the usual data and various standard information, you will be asked for a "studend ID".


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