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By this author: A history of cats and academia By this author: The weird world of academic Twitter Such oddness in acknowledgements is not new.A couple of Barcelona fans working in the US managed to sneak in their home football chant, “Visca el Barça!

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James Crenshaw, for their encouragement, insightful comments, and hard questions. Also I thank my friends in Tsinghua University: Chen Fan, Wensheng Wang, Bo Qin, Xiwei Wang, Yonggang Zhao, Hua Chen, Junlin Li, and Rui Zhou. Chen Fan for enlightening me the first glance of research.

I thank my fellow labmates in Northwestern Vision Group: Gang Hua, Ting Yu, Zhimin Fan, Shengyang Dai, Junsong Yuan, Jiang Xu, Jialue Fan, and Neelabh Gupta, for the stimulating discussions, for the sleepless nights we were working together before deadlines, and for all the fun we have had in the last four years.

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Acknowledgements enable you to thank all those who have helped in carrying out the research.

His guidance helped me in all the time of research and writing of this thesis.

I could not have imagined having a better advisor and mentor for my Ph. Besides my advisor, I would like to thank the rest of my thesis committee: Prof.

Finally, I must express my very profound gratitude to my parents and to my [partner, spouse, girl/boyfriend] for providing me with unfailing support and continuous encouragement throughout my years of study and through the process of researching and writing this thesis.

This accomplishment would not have been possible without them.

You might want to peek at a few other examples to make sure there's no institutional norms, but you can often acknowledge whoever you want, and indeed its a good place to acknowledge more personal contributions.

For example, in mine I acknowledge: I actually think students have a strong tendency to "overacknowledge" in their theses, papers, presentations etc.


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    Hi everyone Although I am months away from submitting my thesis, there are times when I contemplate what to write in my acknowledgements. I have read really boring ones where people have just named and thanked all the sups/co-workers who somehow contributed to the PhD project/thesis, without making it special or any personal touch.…

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