Merits And Demerits Of Internet Essay In English

Merits And Demerits Of Internet Essay In English-26
The computer users, in their ways, offer information to the entire Internet world.The Internet is, thus, working excellently in the cyberspace or space where electronic messages, information, pictures, etc. The World Wide Web (www) is the most important part of the Internet.

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Merits And Demerits Of Internet Essay In English The Most Dangerous Essay On General Zaroff

The billion dollars business of the world is being done through the Internet. The man has removed the possibility of things to be impossible on the other hand, it has opened new horizons of Imagination and creation.The Internet has become a necessity of modern life.The means of communication how quick they may be, cannot compete with the facilities offered by the Internet. One computer can be a typist, play station, cinema, telephone, fax machine, television, tape-recorder, and even a teacher.It is a collection of millions of changing documents on computers all over the world.These documents may contain books, magazines, pictures, films, and information of all kinds.The man has discovered and invented the hidden treasures of this vast wonderland as his necessities motivated and inspired him.It is a truth universally acknowledged that the computer has proved itself the most amazing invention of all times.The basic concept behind the invention of the computer is none other than that of conquering time and space.To achieve his purpose Internet has played the most significant role.It is the internet that has made the world as Marshal Mc Luhan calls it Internet links the world together.The whole world resides at the fingertips of an individual.


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