Misery Guts Book Report

Misery Guts Book Report-12
Ste Pickford and I have spoken three times in the past 20 years.

He read the text, we exchanged some emails, and he produced the beautiful images you’ll find on the cover and at the beginning of every chapter.

Here we chat about some of the details of Deg’s text, as well as Ste’s approach to the creation of his images.

When all his efforts to cheer his parents up fail spectacularly, Keith decides he must somehow get his parents to Australia.

People couldn't be unhappy in a paradise where fish sparkle like rainbows and it's sunny and warm all the time. Based on Morris Gleitzman's books 'Misery Guts', 'Worry Warts', and 'Puppy Fat'.

The question is why somewhere so un-miserable would be called Misery Guts.

It's not named after the Morris Gleitzman YA book of the same name, Pleadin says.

Misery Guts was an Australian children's television series on the Nine Network Australia that first screened in 1998. They live above a fish 'n' chips shop in South London and things are tough.

Keith's parents are misery gutses and he is convinced that the only way for the family to regain its former happiness is for him to make his parents smile again.

There’s still a great deal of work to do before I complete, although, should Grandnanny Cosmos be lenient, I’ll be done before the end of the year.

This project has been deliberately longer and more considered than the previous two.


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