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The usage of multimedia is not just limited to marketing, rather in the educational institutes and corporate enterprises, projectors and presentations are in daily use for presentations.

In the field of engineering, besides the signal processing techniques, large number of softwares are implemented that are used in building constructions, bridges and dams constructions, all courtesy the multimedia and invention of computers.

The middle decades of 20th century saw introduction of television and other modes of communication which were the sign of events to come.

Multimedia according to Tay Vaughan is defined as set of mediums that are grouped together to make up one large entity that fulfils the requirements in number of ways.

With digital graphics all around, multimedia finds its applications in the field of advertising.

Every channel is dependent on the advertisements for managing the finances and expenses, attractive multimedia techniques are naturally bound to attract customers towards themselves, therefore they are thickly used for the advertising campaigns.

It mainly includes graphical, textual format of content (Green & Brown,page 2, 2002).

Like every other system, the entity of multimedia has gone through various stages and has reached the point where we see it today, where depiction of nearly everything is possible through multi media.

What we see today is a reformed shape of multimedia that has gone through many phases of improvements and transitions.

Since multimedia is in various forms around us each of them has undergone transition in its own way.


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