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From production and performance tips to marketing and career-building advice, this music business book instructs and empowers artists on how to take the hard-earned lessons of a fellow musician and put them to work in their own careers.“Indie Groundbreaking Book: The Artist’s Guide to Success in the Music Business New book gives artists a comprehensive map to music industry success…The Artist’s Guide is at once a breakdown of delusions, a marketing manifesto, and a case study into the changing world of media and technology.” They say that those who can do, and those who can’t teach.

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Watch this video breakdown of what it takes to succeed as a musician now… When you look at it like that, we really have NO excuses for not succeeding as artists.

We simply need to adapt to this new music industry, add a few skills to the skill set (or hire someone who has them), and make it happen.

The Skate Ministry is a group of 10 adult skateboarders who spread the word of God to young skateboarders during the weekend at various skate parks throughout the area.

Most of these young skateboarders are boys between the ages of 12 to 18.

This poor guy/gal had presumably decided that their career was over and had turned to the web to find a new way to make an “actual” living. It was like watching someone get hit by a bus in a crosswalk that you had crossed just a few seconds earlier.

I recently had a conversation with a client who had released an independent album and was somewhat disappointed by the results. She had a few thousand people on her list and hopes of selling nearly as many copies of her album.The Artist’s Guide to Success in the Music Business, 2nd Edition, (TAG2nd) is a detailed analysis of the subjects that all musicians should understand and apply in order to pursue a successful and sustainable career in music today.Full of practical advice, this music industry guide provides comprehensive details on how to achieve self-empowerment and optimize your success in today’s music business.Heavy Metal Praise Records will focus only on recording Christian Heavy Metal performers, promoting their success in the popular mainstream of Punk and Ska music.The idea of Heavy Metal Praise Records is the brainchild of a group of dedicated Christians who created the Skate Ministry over three years ago.Most markets consider a 1% – 2% conversion rate to be pretty decent, with something like 10% of what is possible (and that’s very rare).So 5% is really strong and much better than your average business is doing.May 3rd, 2012 Comments: 50 Recently I was going through my stats for the Music Marketing Manifesto blog and saw something really depressing under “search engine terms”. As musicians we all dread that potential “end of the line”, where (God forbid), we decide that we just can’t make the money we need to live the life we want, and we throw in the proverbial towel on our music careers. Okay, perhaps it’s not quite as dramatic as all that, but you catch my drift.Take a look at a query that brought someone to my site… The thing is though, it really doesn’t need to be like that…Nonetheless, she was feeling a little down about her album release and so I took her numbers and did a little extrapolation to show her just how possible it would be for her to put in a little additional effort and achieve her dream of a profitable and sustainable music career.I thought I’d share those numbers with a little make-shift music business plan that I threw together and show you what you’re realistically looking at. It doesn’t matter if you have a track record, whether you tour, whether you are 16 or 60…


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