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Therefore its not surprising that new and inexperienced writers alike often fall into many pitfalls when attempting to explore narrative writing for the first time.

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Readers should be able to deduct the main idea or objective of your story without such the additions.

Along with information overload, some beginning writers tend to bong down readers with access amounts of dialogue.

If you need to further define or explain something, try to do so in clear and concise manner.

Additionally, resist the urge to overwhelm your story with additional characters and events to make clarify your point.

You can build suspense by including odd or intriguing details in the story that doesn't make much sense or seem to be very out of place (for instance, a full plate of food on a table when no one was home to prepare it).

Likewise you can also build suspense by allowing a character to undergo a near-death or life-threatening experience (for example a fatal car accident in which they were only saved at the very last moment when all hope was lost).No matter how great you develop characters or set a scene, readers will not bother finishing your story if they find it difficult to get through.Information overload may be traced back to several initial causes.Capitalization and punctuation problems are commonplace and need to be properly adhered to in any form of writing.Likewise, a lack of attention to audience and purpose may pose significant problems in writing as well.Overall, the idea is to provide your audience with slight hints and clues, little by little, without giving them the full story or answer until later on or at the very end of the narrative.As a writer, this can be achieved using a few different methods.(1) As in the example above, you can give detailed descriptions such as physical features (2) you can also use conversation or dialogue to reveal some things (3) and finally, properly develop your scenes with vivid sensory details as oppose to simply explaining them after they've already occurred.Some writers fall short in enticing the reader due to deficiency in suspense building.Sometimes we have so much great information to offer we fall into trouble when trying to logically relay that information to the reader.Too much information will affect the readability of your essay which is crucial to its overall quality and effectiveness.


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