Negative Population Growth Essay Scholarship 2013

Negative Population Growth Essay Scholarship 2013-18
Consequently, the effects of rural-urban migration in the rural places of origin of migrants may be manifest in two ways.First, the rural-urban migrants send remittances to their relatives in the rural areas and these remittance-receiving households use the remittances for various purposes.

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This is because the mass exodus of people from the overpopulated areas of Igboland has been one of the most spectacular phenomena of the 20th century in Nigeria [38].

Studies on migration in Southeastern Nigeria include an assessment of changes in urban-rural ties from 1961 to 1987 in Eastern Nigeria [39].

From each of the rural LGAs, fifty migrant-sending households were sampled for the study.

Multiple regression and hierarchical cluster analyses were used to estimate and categorize the effects of rural-urban migration due to remittances and community projects executed by the rural-urban migrants, respectively.

One significant source of development for the rural populace as a result of this increasing drift towards the cities is remittances.

Recently, migrants’ remittances and the income multipliers they create are becoming critical resources for the sustenance strategies of receiving households as well as agents of regional and national development [27].In different parts of the world, Nigeria inclusive, research has been carried out on the effects of migration on the migrants’ rural communities of origin.Some of these studies include those of Glytsos [30] in Eastern Europe, Sibanda [31] in South Africa, Azam and Gubert [32] in Mali, Lucas [33] in Albania and Morocco, Nwajiuba [34] in Nigeria, Adams [2] in Latin America, Mc Kenzie [35], Taylor and Mora [36] in Mexico, Sorenson [11] in Somali, Pozo [37], and the World Bank [7] in developing countries.Therefore, the process of people migrating to other areas in search of a better life is not a novel one.What has however gained currency is the increasing voluntary movement in quest of better quality of life by low-skill and low-wage workers as well as high-skill and high-wage workers from less developed rural areas to more developed urban areas, especially among the poor in the developing countries [7–10].In this regard, rural-urban migration results from the search for perceived or real opportunities as a consequence of rural-urban inequality in wealth [11, 12].This inequality and/or urban bias in development according to research findings over the years results from the overwhelming concentration of wealth, assets, purchasing capacity, economic activities, and variety of services in the urban centres as well as the continued neglect and degradation of rural environments or areas [13–26].Households that receive these remittances tend to use the proceeds primarily for current consumption (food, clothing) as well as investments in children’s education, health care, improvement in household food and security, and water and sanitation.Nevertheless, the ability of remittances to compensate the labour shortage in rural areas is still a function of the amounts and value of remittances received by migrants’ households at home, especially in the developing countries [27].Also, another study in Anambra state found that many Igbo families encouraged their family members to migrate because of the belief that their continued stay in the village will not bring financial success [40].Moreover, a study carried out in Aba, southeastern Nigeria, focused only on rural-urban interactions without examining the migratory processes that yielded the interactions [41] while [34] concentrated on international migration and its impact on livelihoods.


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