Not For Profit Research Papers

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Are there overarching frameworks that may be useful to help us understand governance across all sector and levels?

What actors in and around nonprofits have the power to influence governance, how is this evolving and changing, and with what consequences?

They welcome submissions from students, faculty members, administrators, practitioners, researchers, employers, and policymakers. They welcome research papers, research notes, and book reviews.

They also accept proposals for special or supplementary issues.

There is strong interest among researchers and practitioners alike to come together to engage in substantive and thoughtful dialogue about the ways that governance systems of nonprofit and other civil society and public service organizations are evolving, adapting, growing, and performing.

This conference creates a truly collegial space for such engaged dialogue among colleagues, and we invite researchers, scholars, consultants, executives, and other civil society leaders from across the globe to join us for this set of critical conversations.

Are social media and social networking changing the dynamics of governance?

What are we learning about the implications of having more or less inclusive governance arrangements and systems in place, and how are stakeholders taking the initiative to exercise influence on organizations?

We have greater insight into the behaviors of the people who are a part of the governance process, what motivates them, how they engage in their work, and the implications of their performance for board and organizational success.

Likewise, more is being learned about systems of governance that operate beyond the scope of individual organizations as more and more nonprofits are active in networks, alliances and collaborations.


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