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I don’t know if it’s hormonal or the weather or what. Not sure how to act in front of Jack when I feel like this. “In the majority of alcohol-induced medical transports, it is hard alcohol — rather than just beer or wine — that lands students on a hospital gurney,” Dr. These genres immerse their readers in a different world, one which values and believes in the power of language to stimulate our senses and transport us somewhere new. All words you will rarely if ever use in reference to writing poetry. The British valued the pleasure derived from hearing and reading poetry. 3.___ In a speech on the Dartmouth campus in Hanover, N. But much of his address was devoted to alcohol and the Greek system. The news article by Richard Pérez-Peña informs New York Times readers by objectively and authoritatively summarizing information and naming sources. The advertisement persuades you to purchase something; in this case, a 2015 Subaru Outback, which gives an overview of its attractive features and establishes ethos through mentioning its awards: “Being named a 2014 IIHS Top Safety Pick provides peace of mind.” But when we look back at the novel, essay, and poem, among the most relevant things we see is the use of images and description. If you’ve taken a composition or freshmen writing course, you might recognize some familiar terms used above—summarizes, sources, persuades, ethos. Epics such as Gilgamesh aided in memorization and preserved stories meant to be passed down orally.(Denise Duhamel, from “Kinky”) Notice not only how imagistic these examples are, but how specific the details are, as well.

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We do not read about George Trakl’s experience on the water in the poem “Sun”; we are there ourselves.

Click on the following link to read Gary Snyder’s poem “The Bath.” Lines 1-9 are a good example of how the senses may be activated in multiple ways from one image.

So I’ve just been avoiding him—which is so stupid because now he’s gonna think that I don’t like him, which is totally not true. In the last part of May the sky grew pale and the clouds that had hung in high puffs for so long in the spring were dissipated. Earlier, we braked for a tabby crossing the road and laughed. Richard Hugo once wrote that in a poem, “I caution against communication because once language exists only to convey information, it is dying.” What does Hugo mean by this? In contemporary times, many describe poetry as being a tool for self-expression.

I don’t want to lie or be a fake, but I don’t want him to think I’m not fun to be around. Hanlon said, and so “hard alcohol will not be served at events open to the public, whether the event is sponsored by the college or by student organizations.” 4.___ To the red country and part of the gray country of Oklahoma, the last rains came gently, and they did not cut the scarred earth. The last rains lifted the corn quickly and scattered weed colonies and grass along the sides of the roads so that the gray country and the dark red country began to disappear under a green cover. And the most successful ones, the masters like John Steinbeck, are able to access our brains in the same way that real-life experiences do, producing in the reader feelings and thoughts and insights generated intelligently by the processing of sensory information. In some cultures poetry is important in ritual and religious practice.

(Theodore Roethke, from “The Longing”) I am a man of many heads.

Each one capable of loving you, each one unwrapping your paper delicately by hand, slipping my fingernail beneath your coating till I can feel the smooth skin of your nakedness.When poets write, they see through the speaker’s eye, what we call the mind’s eye. But once a piece of creative writing contains specific images and details, those details begin to have an additional affect on the reader’s intellect as the images resonate into symbols and create connections and suggestions. We understand mentally through what our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin understand physically. Relying only on your experience and intuition, take a look at the following passages of text and match each with its correct genre: A. Being named a 2014 IIHS Top Safety Pick provides peace of mind. My mother remembers the counter’s long polished sweep, its shining face. Octavio Paz maintained that the poet and the reader are two moments of a single reality. Choose a poem from the Poetry Foundation’s featured poems and look again at Edward Hirsh’s definition of poem. Or maybe this is the first time you are hearing it.By writing through the mind’s eye, you literally describe what the speaker sees in order to recreate the world of the speaker in words on a page so then the reader can translate those words back into images and experience the poem. What affects do the images in the above example have on your intellect? Merriam-Webster defines “sense” as: One of the five natural powers (touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing) through which you receive information about the world around you. The word “power” makes us sound supernatural; but these are not supernatural—they’re natural to our bodies. Of the many ideas provided here in this definition, perhaps the one to emphasize most is that the poem is “an event in language.” It is also one of the harder to understand concepts. The phrase reminds me of the television show Lassie in which eleven-year-old Timmy’s collie named Lassie would run to tell Timmy’s family whenever Timmy was in trouble and needed rescuing. Timmy’s family couldn’t do anything to help him until Lassie did more than bark; Lassie had to show them exactly what was wrong by leading them directly to Timmy so they could see precisely what the matter was.(Aimee Nezhukumatathil, from “Gulabjamoon Jar”) I loved him most when he came home from work, his fingers still curled from fitting pipe, his denim shirt ringed with sweat and smelling of salt, the drying weeds of the ocean.(Dorianne Laux, from “The Shipfitter’s Wife”) On things asleep: No balm : A kingdom of stinks and sighs, Fetor of cockroaches, dead fish, petroleum, Worse than castoreum of mink or weasel, Saliva dripping from warm microphones, Agony of crucifixion on barstools.Under the arch of heaven The fisherman travels smoothly in his blue skiff.(Georg Trakl, from “The Sun,” translated by Robert Bly and James Wright) They decide to exchange heads.These poems describe a pair of pants, a Barbie doll, and a garlic clove the way we would see them if we were holding them in our hands.And with Billy Collins in his poem “Osso Bucco,” we get the sense that we are looking closer and closer and closer at the meat on his (on our! In these examples, the reader must be—cannot avoid being—sensually immersed in these images, which trigger the five senses—sight, taste, smell, touch, and hearing—through memory and imagination to create an actual experience for the reader.Barbie squeezes the small opening under her chin over Ken’s bulging neck socket.His wide jaw line jostles atop his girlfriend’s body, loosely, like one of those nodding novelty dogs destined to gaze from the back window of cars.


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