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In San Quentin State Prison, there were 4,223 inmates yet its carrying capacity is 3,082 prisoners.

In San Quentin State Prison, there were 4,223 inmates yet its carrying capacity is 3,082 prisoners.

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She was among the more than 60 per cent of women prisoners who have used illicit drugs.

She is now out of prison and working hard to build a new life and look after her seven children.

For instance, in 2012, Folsom State Prison's total number of convicts was 2,912 yet the designated population should be 2,469 prisoners. Instead of focusing on incarcerating people, it should focus on rehabilitating them through community rehabilitation centers.

In San Quentin State Prison, there were 4,223 inmates yet the carrying capacity of the prison is just 3,082 prisoners. The campaign has not led to the discouragement and the elimination of production, distribution, and utilization of illegal drugs. Again, the campaign ought to focus on the key people involved in the production of illegal drugs.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures show there are now more than 33,000 inmates - the highest number ever in Australia - and jails in every state and territory except Tasmania are overflowing.

A tougher stance on crime by state governments and courts has sent costs spiralling and created significant overcrowding, but experts and insiders say the consequence may be more crime, not less."There has been an increased escalation of violence inside the prisons, both prisoner on prisoner but also prisoner on prison officers," the Commonwealth and Public Sector Union's Karen Batt said."We've had a large number of prison officers injured, eye sockets broken with billiard cues, a whole range of things and this is occurring time and time again across every jurisdiction."In Queensland, Victoria and South Australia, prisoners are sleeping on mattresses and fold-out beds, and in Melbourne there are so many people on remand, jails are failing to get them to court on time.

The state government attributed the overcrowding to the increase in the number of drug convicts as they represented the highest number of convicts. It should target cartels while proffering rehabilitation assistances to the users and distributors.

In conclusion, War on Drug as a campaign against the use, production, and distribution of illegal drugs has caused a rise in the number of people jailed in America.

The degree of growth in the number of drug convicts influenced the overall number of prisoners.

Towards the end of 1970s, the average prisoners per 100, 000 people in most states were approximately 130 to 260.


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