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Prophyria has made herself endure hardship to be with him.

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Even his use of natural imagery as Prophyria is akin to nature and goodness.

The shut bud with her smiling rosy little head, the rose equated with love.

A person will do anything and everything in their power to make one moment last as long as they possibly can.

In the poem Porphyry’s Lover, the narrator kills Porphyry because he wants to preserve the perfect moment between them and feels as if he has granted Porphyry’s one wish.

The narrator also tells us in the poem that Porphyry was “murmuring how she loved me” (21).

This proves that they were not just simply involved, but were in love. When she is eventually killed there is relief over guilt? With Prophyria as the victim: The speaker due to his dilemma concerning how to deal with Prophyria and his battle to overcome his turmoil- evident in browning's use of personification via the sullen wind was soon awake. However this can be seen to change as Prophyria is the initiator of the relationship, she is one who is trying to seduce him with her white shoulder and creating an ideal atmosphere with the roaring fire-often associating heat with passion.The narrator and Porphyry have a relationship that is kept secret between only those two, but evidence in the poem proves that they are both comfortable and dedicated to it.In the text, it Says that porphyry “shut the cold out and the storm” (7).He never planned to kill her until he realized there was no other way to save the moment for forever.He turned into an insane killer while trying to preserve that moment and their love.He so desperately wants to live forever in the moment with his darling Porphyry that he transforms room her lover into her insane murderer.In the beginning of the poem Porphyry’s Lover, the narrator is just that, Porphyry’s lover.At the end of the poem, the narrator has transformed from Porphyry’s lover into Porphyry’s deranged killer.Sometimes people will go to great lengths to preserve something they Hirsh.


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