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Some of the memories seemed very stock footage-esque, which didn’t make the memories seem very realistic, although this did allow Jonas’ memories to be more positive and idealistic, which help the overall message of the movie.

In regards to the theme, the film’s differs from the book’s, as the film tries to fit into the archetypal Hollywood mold.

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He works with the prior Receiver (Jeff Bridges) — who is now referred to as The Giver — who passes down memories from past generations and Jonas experiences all the things, from sledding to war, that have been removed from his society.

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And as he begins to act out with his newfound knowledge, he finds himself in trouble with The Elders.

While the significance of the story in the book requires more effort to find, the film’s theme is given straight to the viewer.

And — like most film adaptations — it’ll just take less effort to receive it.

The futuristic community has no emotion, no color and no differences.

Jonas has a rare ability referred to as “the capacity to see beyond,” which in turn gets him selected to be the new Receiver of Memory.


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