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Proper Quotation Essay-2
Note that the first letter after the ellipsis is capitalized, even though it does not begin a new sentence in the original.In legal writing, indicate any such change by enclosing the capitalized letter in square brackets.

(e) A complete line of dots, equal to the length of a line of poetry, is used to indicate the omission of one or more lines of poetry quoted in block format.

The same rules of omission as for prose apply to poetry quoted in run-in format.

Smaller font size is an alternative to single spacing or indentation.

Use a colon at the end of introductory phrases: Note that in this case the source is mentioned at the beginning of the passage and further information is given in footnotes or endnotes.

Avoid implicit comments on peculiarities of form or content by means of an exclamation mark or question mark enclosed in parentheses.

If you wish to draw attention to specific parts of a quotation, underline or italicize them.Place any in-text reference notes (see 9.25 In-text notes) at the end of the block, immediately after the period.___________________ If the block quotation begins with a complete sentence—whether or not this was the first sentence of the paragraph in the source document—the first line may be indented further in order to match the format of subsequent paragraphs in the quotation: Material that was already a quotation in the source document or speech should be enclosed in single quotation marks when run into text and in double quotation marks within block quotations.A block quotation set off from the text is not enclosed in quotation marks.However, it requires indentation, single spacing, and double spacing above and below the passage to set it off.(c) At the end of a sentence To represent omission of the last part of a quoted sentence, use four dots, but this time the ellipsis points come first, followed by a period to indicate the end of the sentence: (d) If one or more paragraphs have been omitted, use four dots, that is, three spaced dots immediately following the period at the end of the preceding paragraph.If the next paragraph in the quotation begins with a sentence that does not open a paragraph in the original, it should be preceded by three ellipsis points after the usual indentation.The main use of quotation marks is to set off the exact words of a speaker or written source from the main body of a text.The quotation may consist of one or more complete sentences or paragraphs, parts of a sentence or paragraph or as little as one word.In the poem "Bushed," Earle Birney says: While every quotation must be scrupulously exact, you may wish to provide the reader with information to clarify items in the quotation.For example, you may feel it advisable to indicate to whom the possessive adjective refers in the following: ] should not be followed by a period or an exclamation mark.


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