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Be honest with your rehabilitation team about these goals.

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It is used most frequently in the medial compartment for osteoarthritis, but can also be used for patients with focal osteonecrosis and secondary osteoarthritis.

In the 1993, unicompartment prosthesis fell out of favor with many surgeons for a variety of reasons, but mostly due to the success of total joint prostheses.

A central tibial polyethylene spine articulates with a transverse femoral cam.

Constrained or hinged prostheses have tibial and femoral components that are linked together with a hinged mechanism.

By exercising with or without your prosthesis, you can continue to reach new goals, become more' active, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

People with amputation have run across the United States, climbed Mount Everest, and competed in various events in the Paralympics.Depending on the type of amputation and the specific leisure activity you would like to return to, there are a variety of adaptive equipment options available.A Therapeutic Recreation Specialist can direct you towards the appropriate adaptive recreation equipment to increase your functional ability without hindering your enjoyment of the activity.A Recreational Therapist can assess your current lifestyle and assist in making changes to incorporate leisure activity for a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.This can include learning new leisure skills that carry over into everyday life.He or she can answer any questions regarding purchasing and utilization of the appropriate equipment selected.Some people find it difficult to identify past leisure activities they are interested in.The posterior portion of the box is formed by a transverse metal cam that prevents posterior tibial subluxation when the knee is in extension.Semi-constrained TKR viewed from the front, back and side.Immediately following amputation surgery, the body is in a weakened state.Before long, most people are able to walk with a below-knee prosthesis and perform many of the daily activities that they enjoyed before amputation.


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