Psychosynthesis Institute In Imagery And Visualization

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Since the eighties this area has changed radically: studies on the spontaneous altruism of children, on animal behaviour (above all on primates), on ordinary citizens who risked their lives to help Jews during the German occupation, on blood and bone marrow donors, on the central role of social contact and the sense of belonging, on the importance of maternal care and breastfeeding (earlier developed by Bowlby's pioneering work), and various others, show that the empathic and prosocial disposition exists alongside the most selfish tendencies, and that it has played a central role in the development of interpersonal relations and thus in human evolution.

In this arena the discovery of mirror neurons in the work of Giacomo Rizzolatti takes on special importance.

For a long time few believed in the genuinely prosocial motivation of human beings and in the propensity for spontaneous empathy.

One of the minority was Carl Rogers, who chose empathy as a central theme for his work.

In this view evolution is a cruel war, in which the only survivors are those who prevail over others.

All manifestations of altruism, empathy and care for others are instrumental.

This evolution is due in great part to advances in techniques of investigating the brain itself, in particular brain imaging, which allows scientists to observe ongoing cerebral activity, thus enabling them to study correlations between subjective states and physiological events.

Many studies in neuroscience show us psychosynthesis in action (without calling it that) in all its important aspects.

Psychosynthesis techniques Essentially individual counselling and psychotherapy involves a one to one conversation between the therapist and client in which the therapist facilitates the client to open up and explore their issues and challenges in a safe and empathic environment.

There are numerous techniques that can be used to aid this process and as I am trained in a diverse range of techniques including: – • Active dialogue & analysis • Gestalt therapy • Mindfulness stress reduction • Meditation • Guided imagery & visualisation • Dream work • Art therapy • Imagery & symbols • Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) • Gestalt • Breathing exercises Together we will work out an individual plan that is unique to you using the techniques that you are comfortable with and that work best for you.


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