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What makes these characters memorable is their distinct personality traits that make them stand apart.

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The epilogue just as the name suggests is not part of the play but serves to explain the intricate features of the conflict as the play ends.

Shaw therefore wrote the epilogue to justify the complex nature of the play’s plot.

However, the author of the successful play acknowledges that he may not continue the play and therefore provides a detailed commentary in which he resolves all the conflicts and justifies the personality traits and decisions of most of his characters. In his reply Shaw stated that , I do love children very much but I don’t cut their heads and keep them in my drawing room. This shows the fact that he is extra – ordinary and indeed he loved......?

This way, the epilogue does not form part of the play but enhances the comprehension of the conflict. Pygmalion – Analysis Assignment A – Analysis of Character Traits Higgins Introduction In the play Pygmalion, George Bernard Shaw has created memorable characters.

It was this theme that dominated some of his most well-known plays such as Major Barbara and......

due: World’s religions The article on world’s religions talks about ways which the religious people seek ways of transforming their lives to walk in the light.

This way, the author of the play explains that the action typifies the freedom and the influence that women have in their romantic relationships (Bernard, 2014).

Shaw strategically ends his epilogue by harmonizing the relationship between the Colonel, Eliza and Higgins, three of the most significant characters in the play.

According to Shaw, Higgins indifference to Eliza is more profound and deeper than common infatuations. An Intriguing person – George Bernard Shaw George Bernard Shaw is a person who has always intrigued me and each time when I read his quotes I was left mesmerized .

Eliza fantasizes over Higgins but appreciates that such are mere fantasies since in real life; she likes Freddy and the colonel but detests Doolittle and Higgins. The most attractive thing about him is his way of thinking.


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