Rainwater Harvesting Essay In Tamil

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The settlement of Dholavira, laid out on a slope between two storm water channels, is a great example of water engineering.

Chanakya’s mentions irrigation using water harvesting systems.

These stepwells collect the subterranean seepage of an upstream reservoir or a lake.

Jhalaras were built to ensure easy and regular supply of water for religious rites, royal ceremonies and community use.

Archaeological evidence shows that the practice of water conservation is deep rooted in the science of ancient India.

Excavations show that the cities of the Indus Valley Civilisation had excellent systems of water harvesting and drainage.

An important element of water security in these arid regions, taankas can save families from the everyday drudgery of fetching water from distant sources.

Ahar Pynes are traditional floodwater harvesting systems indigenous to South Bihar.

The city of Jodhpur has eight jhalaras, the oldest being the Mahamandir Jhalara that dates back to 1660 AD.

Talabs are reservoirs that store water for household consumption and drinking purposes. Bawaris are unique stepwells that were once a part of the ancient networks of water storage in the cities of Rajasthan.


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