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Central Los Angeles, California was blown away by one of those demonstrations.

Central Los Angeles, California was blown away by one of those demonstrations. "It was the worst urban riot since the 1943 disturbance in Detroit" (Bradley 896). ..Bush sent one thousand lawmen and four thousand soldiers to Southern California to try and contain the problem. According to David Allyn, though most gays could pass in the heterosexual world, they tended to live in fear and lies because they could not look towards their families for support....

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The only thought remaining is violence, which is where rioting comes into play. "Twenty Five Years After Kerner." The Quill April 1993:pg.16-21.

All it takes are a few people to start protesting and yelling then the next thing you know you have a group of people then a mob. When a person sees another person doing it, then they are more inclined to join in.

The picket started out like the previous ones; the protesters marching silently in a single file line holding their signs....

[tags: stonewall riots, gay rights, lgbt] - Imagine being born in a place where people don't mix with one another and keep to their own kind.

- The 1960’s were an era in the United States where new ideas were developing, and most specifically ideas pertaining to the civil rights movement and its expansion.

Protests, parades, and riots were occurring in an attempt to spread freedom for all people, and as some of these events became relevant in the news, the tensions of the country rose.There is only so much hate a person can take before letting it be known, once a person is pushed over that threshold there is no holding back. Overwhelming hate and anger with revenge takes hold and all thoughts of consequences rushes out of a person's body. According to reports, the Los Angeles riot all started on the evening of August 11, 1965: Two white California Highway Patrol Officers pursued a weaving automobile for six bl... Astonishingly, the most heartfelt call for peace and calm came from Rodney King himself: "Can we all get along? Can we stop making it horrible for the older people and the kids? But for inner city African Americans that isn't the case. As humans, there is only so much we can take when it comes to segregation before we act out. After the riots many gay rights groups found new hope in gaining rights.New ideas, tactics, events and organizations were all a result of the riots.As humans, there is only so much we can take when it comes to segregation before we act out.... With red lights flashin' time to retire, And then we turned that liquor store into a structure fire,” people ,running through the streets, had no pity when demolishing small businesses and taking what ever they may want from them....[tags: American History Race Riots] - “April 26th, 1992, there was a riot on the streets, tell me where were you! You were sittin' home watchin' your TV, while I was paticipatin' in some anarchy,” these are the lyrics Sublime uses in their song ‘April 26, 1992’ to describe what happened during the Los Angeles Riots of 1992. [tags: LA Riots 1992] - The Stonewall Riots occurred in the Greenwich Village district of New York City in June of the year 1969.


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