Research Paper On Autism And Early Intervention

Research Paper On Autism And Early Intervention-15
Children were left to work independently and parents were left to pay extensively for private tutoring and assistance—often without results.

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In fact, just over a decade ago, autism was considered a learning disability and often children were poorly diagnosed.

Today, autism is a growing concern and is also becoming more popular in research.

(DSM-5), which delineates two core ASD symptoms: persistent social and communication deficits and the presence of restricted, repetitive patterns of behaviors and/or interests, and sensory differences.

At present, expert clinical judgment is required to evaluate the presence of significant impairment in the core symptom areas, thus determining the presence (or absence) of ASD.

More parents are aware of what autism is, and there are organizations like ASDF to help educate and provide financial assistance to parents of autistic children.

Early detection is key in helping a child with autism live a more normal life in society.Lastly, catching autism and working through it early also benefits parental relationships.The strain of caring for an autistic child can be an everyday challenge, but with early preparation and intervention, parents can prepare themselves for the road ahead emotionally and mentally.Essentially, early detection can provide an autistic child with the potential for a better life.Parents of autistic children can learn early on how to help their child improve mentally, emotionally, and physically throughout the developmental stages with assistance from specialists and organizations like ASDF.Since autism can be seen as early as 18 months of age, children should be watched throughout their development for any warning signs of autism.High-risk groups, such as children with siblings diagnosed with autism, should be watched even more closely by physicians and parents alike.Visit, email [email protected], or call 877.806.0635 for more information and to see how you can help.Health Science Center Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA Abstract: Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) refers to a lifelong condition that usually appears in late infancy or early childhood, and is characterized by social and communication deficits that impede optimal functioning.Some individuals with ASD are mildly impaired by their symptoms, whereas others are profoundly impaired.Although the heterogeneity in ASD is well-accepted, the range of ASD symptoms can be classified into broad categories of core symptoms and secondary symptoms.


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