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Were it to veer to the left, it would point toward the past.However, this same word - for example, the word 'height' also reaches into upper and lower dimensions.Click here to open the full PDF article Graphology, handwriting analysis depicts a specific type of script.

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Man is in the habit of portraying himself in his writing.

This portrait of man is most impressive in capitals and the first letter of a word.

By modifying his handwriting, perhaps you can modify his character.

Character sets the individual pattern of each handwriting and is inseparable from it; consequently, a voluntary handwriting change, once achieved, produces a corresponding change of character. The circuit established between brain and graphic gesture by the nervous system is two­way.

Upper, middle, and lower areas are called dimension zones, and they make up the zonal area...

Click here to open the full PDF article Each of the foregoing letters has something different in its form and, therefore, in the interpretation to be put upon it.Any behavior, which diminishes a person's sense of identity, dignity, or self- worth.This includes: threatening, name-calling, humiliating, withholding affection, social isolation, removal of decision-making rights, insulting, harassment, intimidation, and coercion...Click here to open the full PDF article What is abuse?Any behavior, which provokes fear of violence or isolation, emotional stress or mental anguish.Since handwriting constitutes the tracing of neuromuscular coordination, the microscopic characteristics of handwriting strokes become an important method for examining human neuromuscular development...Click here to open the full PDF article In order to determine dishonesty in one's handwriting, the ability to recognize honesty is a prerequisite.Just as our writing reflects our personality, so does it reflect certain aberrations in our physiology.It is widely accepted in medicine that with the development of cancer, certain neuromuscular disturbances of coordination take place.Click here to open the full PDF article President Obama’s handwriting and huge signature are eye­ catching.Graphologically speaking, this reflects a tremendous desire to be the center of attention.


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