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[8] in 2013 (most of the reviewed papers were published from 2000 to 2013).

They presented a systematic survey and analysis of multiple mobile robot systems coordination.

As a result, we can summarize that the selection of a homogeneous or heterogeneous agent depends on the research application.

Since the capability of heterogeneous agents is not identical, it becomes a challenging issue especially in finding consensus among agent during execution of the task.

Most of the papers were published from 2010 to 2015 which the recent research papers on cooperative multi-agent systems have been reviewed.

The main contributions of this paper are (i) the most reflected and affected key elements and current issues in cooperative mobile robots and (ii) directions and future challenges for the multi-agents robot, with recommendations and related suggestions.The benefits received from information sharing among agents, data fusion, distribution of task, time and energy consumption have made the multi-agents research still relevant until present.There were many researchers who focused on cooperative multi-agent research.In order to provide efficient coordination among multi-agent robots, the selections and designs of the control architecture and communication must possess a coherent behavior with the agents.Therefore, this paper thoroughly explains each of the key elements with related examples from previous research and followed by the issues and directions of the multi-agent robot systems.The control architectures can be classified into three categories which are (i) reactive, (ii) deliberative and (iii) hybrid (reactive and deliberative).Reactive control is also known as decentralized control.Research on the multi-agent robot systems has been conducted since late 80s as it provides a more efficient and robust system compared to a single robot.ALLIANCE [1] and ACTRESS [2] robot are among of the earliest heterogeneous multi-agent robots developed by previous researchers.Related problems such as communication mechanism, a planning strategy, and a decision-making structure have been reviewed.In addition, various additional issues of cooperative MARS have been highlighted in these reviewed papers.


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