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more The source of genetic information in a plant cell is contained in nucleus, plastids, and mitochondria.Organelle transformation is getting a lot of attention nowadays because of its superior performance over the conventional and most commonly used nuclear transformation for obtaining transgenic lines.more Crude glycerol, an inevitable byproduct during biodiesel production, is emerging as a potential feedstock for fermentation, due to its availability and a reasonable price.

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Additionally, it examines the consequences this line of inquiry could have for the use of gene drives as a tool in public health, and suggests that the guidance offered by informed consent protocols could help the scientific community deploy gene drives in a way that ensures that ongoing research is consistent with our ethical priorities.

Human Epidermal Growth Factor (h EGF) is a protein molecule with potent mitogenic activity, increasing the rate of wound and ulcer healing in different tissues of the human body.

Agricultural communications students (n=330) were surveyed to determine their knowledge of and attitudes toward biotechnology issues reported in the mass media.

Although students achieved only 30% correct responses, 84% perceived their...

As Zika came to the fore as a global health crisis,...

more In recent years, CRISPR/Cas9 has become one of the simplest and most cost-effective genetic engineering techniques among scientists and researchers aiming to alter genes in organisms.

Acetate was accumulated as an intermediate product.

Subsequently, acetate was utilized as substrate in the second pathway, which directly converted acetyl-Co A to P3HB.

Using a mechanism-driven approach, we created a potent, inducible, broad-spectrum and vector-based mutagenesis system in E.

coli that enhances mutation 322,000-fold over basal levels, surpassing the mutational efficiency and spectra of widely used in vivo and in vitro methods.


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