Research Process And Terminology Paper

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Research is organised because there is a planned structure or method used to reach the conclusion.Research is only successful if we find answers, whether we like these answers or not.For example, the Department of Transport may want to find out the impact of its Arrive Alive Campaign using a qualitative study in areas that are usually high accident zones.

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Research produces hard facts that could support your arguments and beliefs.

Research often throws up other facts which you may not have been aware of that helps to strengthen, or even change, your arguments and beliefs.

Research helps to clarify and strengthen beliefs especially in the face of opposition and doubt from others.

Whilst research can confirm your views, it is important that the researcher remains open-minded and impartial even when the results fail to confirm your views.

For example, a household income survey is a quantitative survey that looks at the average household income in an area.

Information can also be qualitative - based on observations of behavior, participants' reports of how they or their lives have changed, etc.The advice office worker may have to take photographs of the locked doors or film the workers operating behind locked doors.S/he can also get affidavits from worker to establish the facts and present a case to the Department of Labour.As discussed previously, research is a systematic and organised process.It is about collecting information that answers a question.Some studies seek to understand cause and effect - what causes something else to happen or the connection between two factors.For example, the Department of Water Affairs may want to find the cause of certain rivers being highly polluted and the effect this has on the lives of people living along these rivers.If government, business, institutions, labour, organisations and society in general are to function efficiently and effectively, it is important that the decisions they make are based on valid and reliable information and thorough analysis.The search for this information is referred to as the research process.These facts make it easier to plan programmes and ensure that interventions are effective.Research may provide key information that will enable you to develop clear strategies.


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