Research Proposal On Women Empowerment

For example, ICT skills enable women entrepreneurs and potential women entrepreneurs to access e-commerce and lower their barriers to the global markets, which leads them to become more competitive in global value chains.Meanwhile, the 4th industrial revolution has exerted more powerful, far-reaching influences not only on businesses but also on everyday lives.Improving gender equity and empowerment of women and girls are key objectives for ACIAR.

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Besides, participants will jointly explore effective business models in the ICT-enabled business environments and create a working network for future collaboration.

4) Online platform: An online platform will be created and, through this platform, case study reports, best practices, and other useful information will be shared and disseminated.

APEC women will benefit from the information in that they can better understand the features of the 4th industrial revolution, harness business opportunities accordingly, and become more competitive in global value chains.

It will also enhance the competitiveness and innovation of women-owned MSMEs.

In the APEC Women and Economy 2016 Forum Statement, Ministers and Heads of Delegations recommended that APEC economies promote business innovations, for example, innovations based on makerspaces, for women and enhance digital literacy skills of women entrepreneurs.

Outputs: 1) Case study reports: This project will conduct 21 case studies of successful women entrepreneurs in the ICT/smart technology-based industries from each APEC economies and publish case study reports.Relevance – Rank: This project falls under Rank 1 APEC Funding Criteria as it supports human capital development by compiling success stories of women entrepreneurs in the field of ICT/smart technology-based industry and promoting capacity building through sharing the success stories, good practices, and enabling environments.Also, this project is linked to two Rank 2 APEC Funding Criteria as it promotes Inclusive Growth through women’s economic empowerment and also Innovative Growth through focusing on innovation policy and research to harness new technologies for the future.Also, big data analysis makes it possible to identify consumption patterns and to use the information for a new business.It is therefore expected that with the fusion of technologies, business innovations will continuously emerge and, as a result, transformation that is incomparable to the past in terms of its scope and scale will be pervasive.For example, there are reports about successful women entrepreneurs who used to live as mothers and housewives but started up their e-commerce based on their previous experiences.Meanwhile, the 4th industrial revolution has already started, exerting tremendous impacts on businesses and everyday lives in almost all the economies.In line with the APEC 2017 mandates, this project emphasizes the importance of advancing women’s integration and economic empowerment by harnessing the opportunities and changing environments that the 4 industrial revolution has created.Also, this project addresses the APEC 2017 Host Economy priorities such as 1) Fostering Sustainable, Innovative and Inclusive Growth and 2) Strengthening MSMEs’ Competitiveness and Innovation in the Digital Age by focusing on ICT/smart technology dimensions for women entrepreneurs’ empowerment.3) Seminar: A one-day seminar will take place as part of the APEC Women and Economy Forum.Women entrepreneurs who succeeded in starting up or running ICT-based businesses will share their stories during the seminar, and participants in the seminar will raise awareness of the potentials of ICTs in creating business opportunities and as enabling factors of women entrepreneurship.


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