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Before proceeding to the topics and research paper writing activities, consider the four distinct approaches to studying communication: social science approach, interpretive approach, critical approach, postmodern approach.

Constructing your thesis can be frustrating and time-consuming, but it is one of the most important tasks you will undertake while writing your paper.

Reconstruct, rewrite, and rework your thesis until it clearly states your topic and direction or claim.

If you still want to choose a topic that’s already been chosen by many other researchers, you need to either apply revolutionary methods to the process of researching or find a new unexpected point of view on the subject.

You need enough reliable sources to support your point of view.

Check whether you have the needed base before you make your final topic choice.

Recent innovations in computing, transportation, and telecommunication have combined to increase the frequency and ease of people’s communication, intensifying cross-cultural interactions.Ultimately you want your thesis to be correct (including a topic and direction or claim), but you also want it to contain insightful, provocative ideas with regard to the topic; in other words, work to construct a thesis that expresses a more intriguing insight than the predictable application of theory or concept to routine communication behaviors or texts.You will benefit by efforts you make toward writing an excellent thesis.While innovations benefited modern society, they also brought some challenges, particularly in the realm of communication.In the post 9/11 world, more people in the US and worldwide recognize the role of effective dialogue in preserving peace, and this understanding reflects in development of a corresponding academic discipline.Sometimes, professors of US colleges require students develop presentations based on their research papers.If this is your case, review these presentation topics to address the task easily.Students often write theses that state the topic of the paper but not the direction or claim. Check again to be sure the direction or claim of the thesis is clear.For example, these two theses provide clear topics without clear directions or claims: The topic of the first thesis (1) is Leslie Baxter's claims.Academic writing can be intimidating, especially for an individual who is new to this type of composition.One important aspect of many academic papers is a solid thesis statement.


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