Richard Rodriguez Christmas Essay

Not surprisingly, family members as a group were most often chosen for gifts by the children, receiving more than half the choices (167). He got divorced because him and my mom didn't get along. I could them money, but that wouldn't be straight from the heart. -- Gabi Brockman I would make two cards to give to my parents. -- Allie Van Pay I would give a fleece blanket to the Linus Foundation. Kids could play in their yards without having parents keeping a sharp eye on them. I would give her it because she doesn't have a lot of toys.

I would give it to my grandma because she is lonely, because my grandpa died. I'll give my gift to Tabitha is because she is going to Montana pretty soon!!!!!

The gift would be a house, because they would need better shelter. -- Mickey Thiry It would be spreading Christmas cheer. She going to be with Phil and Ann my uncle and my aunt.

So the gift for this Christmas is a new house because her house is very old. He is fast, but he gets slower and slower as he runs.

-- Ryan Veldman The gift I would give would be hope, and love for my sister Amber, because she is getting married on September 29 of 2007. -- Henry Schuh If I had one gift to give, I would give Sparrow, my chinchilla, to my brother, Aiden.


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