School Life Memories Essay

I felt even more confident, assure that I would captivate the audience's attention and keep them engaged.When my presentation started, I gave a signal to my actor which led me to drop my 8 notecards all over the floor.Response From Jesneel Singh The best moment in class was when I was in 9th grade in sixth period. Having that "character and scene" class made my life even greater. When I performed my first poem to that class I found my passion.

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By then it felt more than just a class and opened my eyes to very different ways of teaching styles.

I believe there is much to learn from this experience, both then and now.

I have come to deeply appreciate not only the class but the teacher as well.

This experience showed me the extent a relationship with your classmates and your teacher can go....

Response From Leslie Servin During my time in high school I had it really good moments, but my best moments that I've experienced are in a particular class during my senior year, in Sacramento, Calif.

So I was basically a new student in these kind of classes and also I'm English learner. I didn't want to do it, but finally I did it and that one was my best moment.When I went to present I felt afraid, and then when I presented I felt so good for the effort I applied on.Now I feel so much better than my first day of presentations because I now know that I can do whatever I want to do.I had a 10-15 minute presentation and I felt pretty confident.30 minutes before my presentation I decided to incorporate an actor for visual appeal, to correspond with my presentation.In Part One, Jen Schwanke, Amy Sandvold, Anne Jenks, and Sarah Thomas shared their top moments.You can listen to a 10-minute conversation I had with them on my BAM! You can also find a list of, and links to, previous shows here.The learnings that I acquire made it so good this moment because I know that I have to trust on me.Something teachers or students can learn from my experience is that we have to overcome our fears and not let them control ourselves because we can't know our capabilities if we are afraid.The cards in my hand then became extremely restraining.My anxiety levels rose, and the disorganized cards just added stress to my emotions.


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