Self-Assessment Model Essay

Analysing alternative help us to expand pie and when pie is big enough , need to focus on multi – point instead of single point.This helps me to divide pie with a bigger share in my favour.I was able to justify my desires with logical explanations and convince them to do so.

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When it comes to professional life, I get nervous as I have never though about utilizing my inherent skill that helps me to successfully negotiate in my personal life.

I did acquire some more negotiation skill by experience and learning through co-workers but that was not enough get me high level of success.

When it comes to deciding target point, I try to be logical and reasonable.

This means, I try to set my target point which is not too low that other party accept it easily or not too high that other party even loose interest in negotiation and walk away.

Win-win strategy is what most professionals claim as their strategy when it comes to negotiation including myself.

My purpose of doing this self-assessment is to come up with an action trplan to improve my negotiation skills.

There are always room for improvement , no matter how good you are at any thing.

Prior to coming to this workshop, I was sure that I need some improvement be a successful negotiator.

Although, I am not that strong in leading a negotiation towards it’s ultimate goal.

In order to increase the probability of a successful negotiation, for me as an individual, first I should identify the required steps and the order they should be taken in the course of a negotiation and try not to skip any step.


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