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Millions more are facing the constant worry of wondering how much longer they will be employed, add this to the pressure of having to learn new tasks, acclimate to a new boss or new culture and you have a recipe for a stressed out workforce.Losing your job can be devastating and life altering for many and it puts the unemployed work at risk for physical and mental illness, marital strain, depression and possibly even suicide.Challenge is a healthy and important ingredient for a healthy and productive work environment.

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Students get anxious about writer’s block, or they worry they don’t have enough material to write about, or they are convinced they have no idea how to write a thesis statement.

There are all kinds of excuses and concerns when it comes to essay writing.

EAP's provide counseling to employees and the program can be used to obtain counseling for dealing with a difficult work or life event.

Many companies are also providing stress management programs for their employees to help recognize the symptoms of stress, the effects of stress and how to manage the stress.

Challenge invigorates us physically and psychologically and motivates us go beyond previous limits and boundaries.

When a challenge is conquered we feel a sense of accomplishment and are able to relax.For students, writing an essay is often a daunting and even scary assignment.There tends to be a lot of emotion surrounding the act of writing.Stress, as it pertains to humans, is a situation when a person is subjected to some form of adversity that borders on his limits of endurance.This adversity could be physical, mental or emotional or a combination of any two or all of them.Job stress has unfortunately become a common and very costly problem among working Americans.Studies report the following: One fourth of employees view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives.While these are all valuable resources, stress management programs have two… I have the knowledge base to instruct on many topics, but the subject that students most often seek out my help for is essay writing tips.This stress is chronic until the transition to a new position is made. Job stress can be defined as the harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when the requirements of the job do not match the capabilities , resources, or needs of the worker.(NIOSH, 2014) Job stress is often confused with challenge, but clearly they are not the same.


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