Strong Critical Thinking Skills

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Maybe she was already developing a cold and that particular day it just happened to manifest itself.Maybe a sick person sneezed on her in the elevator that morning.

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Essay On Can Money Buy Happiness - Strong Critical Thinking Skills

Part of critical thinking is demonstrating humility, and many people (in this case, your aunt) have trouble doing this.However, a big part of science is testing ideas and finding out that some ideas were not right.This is good because it allows us to tweak these ideas and test out other ones to get closer to finding out the right way the world works.Is this conclusion based on evidence or gut feelings?' and 'Are there alternative possibilities when given new pieces of information?Let's say that these thoughts of skepticism inspired your curiosity.After all, it wouldn't be fair to simply dismiss all new ideas, either.Any number of possibilities could have happened, and from just this story, we simply do not have enough information.All of this speculation as to the validity of this particular observation is considered skepticism.If we examine this anecdote a little more carefully, you should be able to understand why.For starters, we don't know where the idea for vitamin C stopping illness even came from.


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