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If you assign this task to the process initiator, he/she will be able to make any modifications so that the process can move forward.

Likewise, you can assign tasks to previous participants in a process instance.

We assume a time division multiple access (TDMA) transmission protocol, under which the local user offloads the tasks to multiple helpers and downloads the results from them over orthogonal pre-scheduled time slots.

Under this setup, we minimize the computation latency by optimizing the local user's task assignment jointly with the time and rate for task offloading and results downloading, as well as the computation frequency for task execution, subject to individual energy and computation capacity constraints at the local user and the helpers.

Assigning task and delegation of responsibility are the standard operation in Outlook, but it is necessary to know that you can lost supervision over the task you assign to some of your employees.

Task is a task of the assigned person and owner has only possibility to look at the task and check the changes if there were some, but this have to be done by his initiative.

However, the formulated problem is a mixed-integer non-linear program (MINLP) that is difficult to solve.

To tackle this challenge, we propose an efficient algorithm by first relaxing the original problem into a convex one, and then constructing a suboptimal task assignment solution based on the obtained optimal one.

Next, we consider a benchmark scheme that endows the WDs with their maximum computation capacities.

To further reduce the implementation complexity, we also develop a heuristic scheme based on the greedy task assignment.


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