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In this paper, the author critically examines the usefulness of blockchain technology in the tax sector.View this White Paper On 16 March 2018, the OECD presented its long-awaited interim report of the tax challenges arising from digitalization.View this White Paper The Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) recently overruled a decision of the European Commission that had found the restructuring clause in section 8c(1a) of the German Corporate Income Tax Act (CITA) to infringe EU State aid rules.

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There are several remedies, some of which are controversial.

In this regard, the annual VAT gap reports reflect the progress towards making a robust VAT system.

However, the group financing income is not justified and constitutes illegal State aid when the financing income derives from UK activities.

This paper provides the background, the facts and the Commission’s findings, and concludes with comments on the case. With the growth of global trade, levies on the cross-border movement of goods have become an increasingly important source of state revenue.

View this White Paper Tax ghosts, those dispiriting spooks of the fiscal system, are persistent spectres in the shadow economy.

In this White Paper, the author describes various types of tax ghosts, discusses their impact, outlines current ghostbusting strategies and reviews the OECD’s recent recommendations for further work.

View this White Paper In this White Paper, the author generally describes the essence of the African Continental Free Trade Area (Af CFTA), briefly highlighting its main objectives and ambit, explaining its institutional framework and discussing the magnitude of its interaction with Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and the World Trade Organization (WTO), among others.

View this White Paper The author addresses the issue of taxation without representation as it pertains to residents of the US capital and discusses recent legislation proposing statehood as a possible solution.

View this White Paper Tax codes are notoriously complex and, despite frequent calls for simplification, there seems to be no simple solution.

In this White Paper, the author highlights the complexity of the US tax code, examines its causes and concludes that some complexity is unavoidable to ensure a comprehensive and fair tax system.


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