Temporal Architecture Thesis

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Furthermore, there is a comprehensive interaction between the stress system and the immune system.

The question is then, if an architectural context to a stressful event can influence the magnitude of the stress reaction.

The graphs illustrate how great intensity the sun and the sky lit up depending on the cloud cover extent specified in oktas.

The graphs illustrate the lighting conditions of Copenhagen in June at 12 noon and a relatively thin cloud cover.

To investigate this, a stress experiment is carried out, using a virtual version of the so-called Trier Social Stress Test.

Because the test is carried out in a virtual environment, the architecture can be systematically varied.

In the case of these writers, the understanding of the physiological processes is very robust, but a systematic understanding of the link to architecture is missing.

Thus, a consistent understanding of how the perception of architecture through physiological mechanisms might influence healing is missing.

Any living organism is faced with the challenge to keep its inner biochemical milieu stable within narrow bounds despite the relatively large fluctuations and physical threats that might occur in the outer environment.

Compromised health can be understood as a state of homeostatic imbalance.


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