Texting While Driving Research Paper

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Quote: Discovery of a “texting rhythm” in brain waves: “There is now a biological reason why people shouldn’t text and drive — texting can change brain waves.” Adults Aged 65 and Older Use Potentially Distracting Electronic Devices While Driving E.

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Nearly 10% of new moms have been in a crash while driving with their baby — nearly three times higher than the rate among the general population.” Pedestrian Safety Survey Ketchum Global Research & Analytics for Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Quote: “60 percent of pedestrians walk while texting, emailing, talking on the phone, or listening to music despite 70 percent considering those behaviors to be dangerous. A 2011 report (found) 1,152 people were treated in hospital emergency rooms after being injured while walking and using a cell phone or some other electronic device.” Observational Study of Cell Phone and Texting Use Among California Drivers 2012 Ewald & Wasserman for Safe Transportation Research and Education Center UC Berkeley. National phone survey of of 2,610 teen drivers and 2,934 parents. Quote: “Parents who engage in distracting behaviors more frequently have teens who engage in distracting behaviors. Teens read or send text messages once a trip 26 times more often than their parents think they do.” The Influence of Music on Mental Effort and Driving Performance A.

Quote: “On average, states with a texting ban saw a 4 percent reduction in MVC-related ED visits. Quote: “Nowhere is (the distracted driving) challenge more pressing than for those driving for work, who are constantly under time and cost pressures, never more so than today with the rise of the smartphone. It is imperative that fleet managers — and their leaders — take a fresh look at professional driver training.” Distracted Driving, Visual Inattention, and Crash Risk Among Teenage Drivers P.

Real-world driving data from newly licensed teenagers in Virginia. Quote: “The analyses found that 41% of the association between manual cellphone use and teenagers’ crash risk was mediated by the duration of eyes off the road. The remaining 59% of the association between manual cellphone use and crash risk may be attributed to the physical demands of operating the phone while driving and possibly additional cognitive load that the driver endures.” The effects of texting and handheld bans on motorcyclist fatalities M. Analysis of data from Fatality Analysis Reporting System. Quote: “Motorcyclists are at heightened risk of being a victim of distracted driving. Texting/handheld bans significantly reduce motorcyclist fatalities.

Quote: “Novice drivers engaged in secondary tasks more frequently over time …

Quote: “Distracted drivers are the cause of an increasing share of fatalities found among pedestrians and bicycle riders. 18.6% of the distracted driving-related crashes were cell phone-related.” “The Effects of a Production Level ‘Voice-Command’ Interface on Driver Behavior” B.

Here is some of the latest research on distracted driving, with the focus on cell phone use and text messaging.

Age-Related Differences in the Cognitive, Visual and Temporal Demands of In-Vehicle Information Systems J.

Ayers, Graduate School of Public Health, San Diego State University.

Driving-simulator study of perceptual load and driving duration. Quote: “Relatively little is known about internal distraction such as mind wandering. While mind wandering, individuals’ driving performance fluctuates greatly, which has significant implications on driving safety for individual drivers and overall traffic flow.” Pokémon Go: A New Distraction for Drivers and Pedestrians J. Quote: ” ‘Pokémon Go’ is a new distraction for drivers and pedestrians. It is in the public interest to address augmented reality games before social norms develop that encourage unsafe practices.” Cortical processing during smartphone text messaging W.


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