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Aquino's assassination is credited with transforming the opposition to the Marcos regime from a small, isolated movement into a national crusade.

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Four co-conspirators, Powell, George Atzerodt, David Herold, and Mary Surratt, were hanged at the gallows of the Old Penitentiary, on the site of present-day Fort Mc Nair, on July 7, 1865.

The assassination of Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr., a former Philippine senator, took place on Sunday, August 21, 1983 at the Manila International Airport (later renamed Ninoy Aquino International Airport in his honor).

Doctors determined he needed coronary artery bypass surgery; however, no surgeon wanted to perform the operation out of fear of controversy, and Aquino refused to undergo the procedure in the Philippines out of fear of sabotage by Marcos, indicating he would either go to the United States to undergo the procedure or die in his prison cell.

On May 8, 1980, First Lady Imelda Marcos arranged for Aquino and his family to leave for the U. He underwent the coronary bypass surgery in Dallas, Texas and met with Muslim leaders in Damascus, Syria, before settling with his family in Newton, Massachusetts.

The tribunal lasted several years, all while Aquino was still imprisoned, and on November 25, 1977, he was convicted on all charges and sentenced to death.

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However, Aquino and others believed that Marcos would not allow him to be executed, as Aquino had gained a great deal of support while imprisoned, and such a fate would surely make him a martyr for his supporters.In March 1980, Aquino suffered a heart attack in prison.He was transported to the Philippine Heart Center, where he suffered a second heart attack.Aquino spent the next three years in exile in the U.S., wherein he worked on manuscripts for two books and delivered several lectures and speeches critical of the Marcos government.An official government investigation ordered by Marcos shortly after the assassination led to murder charges against 25 military personnel and one civilian; all were acquitted by the Sandiganbayan (special court).After Marcos was ousted, another government investigation under Corazon Aquino's administration led to a retrial and the conviction of 16 military personnel, all of whom were sentenced to life imprisonment. During his first year as senator, Aquino began speaking out against the authoritarian rule of President Ferdinand Marcos; Marcos in turn saw Aquino as the biggest threat to his power.There were at least four conspirators in addition to Booth involved in the mayhem.Booth was shot and captured while hiding in a barn near Bowling Green, Virginia, and died later the same day, April 26, 1865.In 1978, while still in prison, Aquino founded his political party, Lakas ng Bayan (abbreviated "LABAN"; English: People's Power), to run for office in the Interim Batasang Pambansa (Parliament).All LABAN candidates lost, primarily to candidates of Marcos's party, amid allegations of election fraud.


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