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Complete as many of the sections in the five steps as possible, but remember that you can always go back and fill in additional details as they become available.Default options are often pre-selected for common functions.

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Setup is available to the Journal Manager on the Journal Management page, and contains its own set of Help texts built into each of the forms.

Setting up the journal's web site will require decisions and text for the following items, among others, which can be prepared in advance in consultation with the Editors or added at a later point.

The Journal Manager sets up the journal, after the system has been installed on a web server, by working through five steps, filling in web-based forms and configuring the management of the journal.

The setup does not have to be done all at once: the forms can be filled in and saved; then you can return to Setup to complete the task or make changes at any time.

The privacy statement will appear on the About the Journal section of your web site.

Because you will be asking people to register with your journal and collecting their personal information, it is important to let them know of your policies in this regard.If you have individuals to act as copyeditors, select the first option.If your editors will be acting as copyeditors, select the second option.Default items are provided, but you may add new ones or delete any that do not apply to your journal by using the This copyright notice will appear on the About the Journal page.You also have the option to require that authors agree to your copyright notice before completing their submission, and to add a Creative Commons license to the journal web site.LOCKSS is an open source solution to archiving online journals.To ensure the preservation of your journal, follow the steps outlined in this section.You must supply a name and email for your technical support contact.This contact information will be presented for contact purposes in key areas throughout the system, and will be available from About the Journal.You can visit to learn more about registering for a Digital Object Identifier for your journal.A page number option is also available for journals.


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