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When you purchase a Thesis licence for me to build your site, you also have unlimited access to the Thesis Forum, email support and updates.Eck's assertions are a mixture or rumor, myth and fact, generally asserted with no citations and nearly always taken completely out of context. He pauses to interject comments and then moves on to his next set of assertions, or theses.Reading through Eck's accusations is an illuminating exercise, since it presents the points at which Rome was disagreeing with Luther and illuminates the depth of the Roman Catholic misunderstanding of the position of the Lutherans.Also to be noted is how Eck attempts to lump all the reforming movements together, identifying as a group, Luther and Zwingli, men who were sharply at odds with each other.Did you know that you can link to any paragraph within most documents on this site? Please contact us if there is a location that you can't figure out how to link to.At the end of this translation, by Henry Eyster Jacobs, appears Jacobs' introduction to the theses, providing additional helpful background and explanations of the document and its origin and purpose.The style of this document is a bit difficult, since what Eck is doing is recounting, with separate paragraphs, the alleged errors of his opponents, at different times, in differing circumstances, on a wide variety of topics. Simply visit Thesis Admin → Site → 404 Page, and you’ll be able to select a custom 404 page from the Word Press pages in the dropdown list. With Thesis, you can provide your visitors with a completely custom 404 experience by selecting any Word Press page to serve as your 404 page.These theses are an important insight into the attitudes of the Roman Church and provide important context for understanding the Augsburg Confession.Eck was also the chief author of the Confutation of the Augsburg Confession, to which the Apology of the Augsburg Confession is a reply.


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