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This leads them to face and overcome obstacles and to make choices, and thus accordingly gain personal insight and self discovery.Due to the notion of belonging being such an intrinsic human need, texts including Emily Dickinson’s poems “I have been hungry all the years”, “This is my letter to the world”, and “A word dropped careless on a page” highlight the struggle in searching for such a connection, depicting the persona to eventually come to a point where she must make the decision to make sacrifices to her identity, or to seek a different avenue for satisfaction.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.

This leads them to face and overcome obstacles and to make choices, and thus accordingly gain personal insight and self discovery.

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With poems often being short in length, symbolism helps the author expand on a theme by using very little words. As the sun sets and ends another day, her life ends as ?

An individual’s perception of their belonging is influenced by their interaction with the wider world.

The meltdown at Three Mile Island prompted large numbers of women in the USA to come together in the first Eco-feminist conference - "Women and Life on Earth, which was a conference on Ecofeminism in the eighties" - in March 1980, at Amherst.

At this conference the connections between feminism and militarization, healing and ecology were explored.

In the last chapter, I mainly analyze the Eco-feminist style in Dickinson's poems.

Key words: Emily Dickinson; poems; Eco-feminism INTRODUCTIONA.

In her poem ' Because I could not stop for Death,' she refers to ' Death' in a good way. Dickinson also uses the third stanza as a symbol of how everything will go on normally while the character is being lead to the afterlife. does not control everything, but can control on thing at a time.

Dickinson states in the poem that ' He kindly stopped for me --'(14, 18). the sun passed them, as it of course does all who are in the grave? The children and grain are growing which represents new life or the future (Melani). Symbolism is a key to many poems, to help the reader think deeper into the poem itself.

As one of the most prominent poetesses in the nineteenth century, Emily Dickinson made a great impact on American literature, and she was praised as "the most topping poetess in the west since Sapphic".

She was outstanding among the contemporary poets for her unique writing style, creating images and profound ideology.


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