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These rules are taken from the KU Office of Graduate Studies Thesis or Dissertation Formatting Guidelines.To see the full thesis or dissertation formatting requirements, visit https://edu/etd-formatting-and-working-multimedia-files You can use Word's "Insert Caption" function to add automated updating to your document for figure numbers and in-text references to figures and to create an automatic "List of Tables" for your table of contents.

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I'm writing my masters thesis in La Te X and having trouble getting the "Page" at the top of the list of figures aligned with the left of the page numbers, as shown below.

It's pretty close, but needs to move a few pixels to the right.

If a table or figure occupies more than one page, only the initial page number is listed.

If the title or caption of a table or figure appears on a part-title page preceding the table or figure, the page number in the list refers to the number of the part-title page.

If rather than using a list of symbols and abbreviations or a glossary you are introducing terms, symbols, or abbreviations in the text, then always introduce them upon their first occurrence in the document.

If a list continues to a second page, the second page of text begins 1 inch from the top of the page.

Beginning page numbers of each titled section listed are lined up with each listing by a row of evenly spaced, aligned period leaders. The numbers, titles, and subheadings of chapters or titled sections used in the table of contents must agree exactly in wording and capitalization with the way they appear on the actual page.

The table of contents reflects the relationship of the chapters and subheadings.

In the case of long titles or captions, care should be taken to make the first sentence convey the essential description of the item.

The first sentence alone then can be used in the list. The table or figure number begins at the left margin.


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