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“I remember talking to entrepreneurs in the weeks after F8 who were spending half of their day every day driving around trying to get whatever servers they could because they were experiencing so much growth,” Vora says.

Stanford University even created a Computer Science class where students had to build Facebook applications.

I think that’s been borne-out over the last decade.” Yet opening its audience to outside developers came with a steep learning curve.

Social apps must be accompanied by social norms about respecting people’s time and attention. On its 10th anniversary, a series of interviews with Mark Zuckerberg and other team members reveal how the Facebook Platform shook out — and shook everything up.

While there were “social networks,” the rest of the web didn’t care much about who you were or who you were friends with.

This is before we “logged in with Facebook” not just on it. Before every app wanted you to invite your contacts.

Facebook’s “social by design” philosophy sought to give each app its own voice users could speak through to rally their friends to enhance their collective experience.

Suddenly, Facebook’s exclusive relationship with its users became a tumultuous, bizarre love triangle between itself, the public and its developers.

A year later, with the launch of the Facebook Connect part of the platform, it posed another peculiar question: If we let people log in elsewhere with their Facebook account and bring along their interests and social graphs, could any website become “social”?

The answers would surprise Facebook’s executives and spawn a legion of new businesses, entrenching the company while changing the internet from a solo experience to a group one.


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