Thesis Statement On Low Self Esteem

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In other words, self-esteem is about a person value himself or feels about them (Powell, 2005).

The aspect of self-esteem can bring both positive and negative effects.

The woman is regarded as an epitome of beauty, an impeccable mark of aesthetic in the kingdom of god’s creation.

She is seen as the complimentary element of his better-half and regarded as his counter-part as well.

She is mother, deity, nurse, seducer, wife and above all a human being with the entire potentials......?

How self-esteem enhanced through differentiated instruction The self-esteem of a or at large, in the room, can be enhanced in a number of ways through differentiated instruction.A study by Baumeister, Bushman and Campbell (2000)......?Women and Self Esteem Introduction Etymologically, the term ‘woman’ suggests an adult female human.Self-esteem is one of the substantial aspects that have come under numerous debates, discussions and arguments, as it is a very vast subject matter and different people possess different opinions about this element.While looking at the perspective of self-esteem, it can come to statement that self-esteem is typically the sum of a person’s conscious self-evaluative feelings and thoughts.This is as seen through Tomlinson’s works where the learner is of central importance in the entire teaching or learning process, and the learner’s interests are put first.This is to say that the teacher usually has little to do with the interests of the learner but rather acts as a vessel to fulfill the needs of the learners in the process of instruction.The person with low self-esteem has a higher propensity to believe the criticism made by others, because low self-esteem nourishes the negative thinking inside the person.Consequently, the person looses the confidence, which only give rise to the negative thoughts, feelings and emotions (Mruk, 2006).Scholars and experts also articulate that self-esteem leaves an indelible imprint on to the happiness of the person.This is because self-esteem in the right direction leads a person to have a right attitude not only towards his work but also towards the entire society and neighborhood where the person resides.


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