Type A Vs Type B Personality Essay

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These symptoms might be accompanies by emotion of sadness or anxiety resulting from loss of self-esteem and fear of permanent brain damage in persons in organisation (World Health Organisation, 1992). They are hardly overstressed, and when feeling pressure they lean to be positive than negative.

One of the strongest arguments against Friedman and Rosenman theories are the difference between type A and B personality. It is clearly that Type B persons do not mind driving behind an unhurried car.

However, in management of health promotion and developing healthy organisation and community written by Simnett (1995) says that health approval is sunshade expression for a very wide range of performances that improve good health and well-being and put a stop to ill health.

On the other hand, personality is define as psychologies with the aim of recognizing the uniqueness in human characters and understanding people’s differences in organisation (Buchannan and Huczynski, 2010).

Typical type A thrives on extended hours, large amounts of work and fixed deadlines.

These are together and organisationally useful quality, as competitiveness and a high need for success.For instance, a type A personality can emerge to have many venerable facets, but these behaviour syndromes can be dysfunctional for the entity, and for others.However, Friedman and Schustack, (2009:pp391) states that “the struggle of Type A person is most likely to be the one of a “choleric”, angry against the arbitrary controls of his or her job or life.Moreover, those who are type A personality may not be able to relax extensively, stand back from multifaceted difficulty to make an efficient and comprehensive analysis, and need the tolerance and comfortable style required in some administrative positions.Furthermore, problem lies in the fact that their intolerance and aggression can increase the stress levels in those who have to work with them.Such a person will also have generally interpersonal relations”.However, there is currently high-quality confirmation that person who guide aggressive, resentfully, ready for action and ambitious lives are more likely to experience heart infection at the age of 45 than type B personality.For example, it is nature and social predicament at early days that lead to drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and other drugs mistreatment in adolescent years (Cooley, 2009).Consequently, the rate of health inconvenience and premature death has increased significantly because of smoking and drinking alcohol.However, world health organisation (1992) defines behaviours syndrome as a different between people or individual in organisation.Although, the syndromes that assess the stress levels are frontal lobe syndromes that follow skull shock which adequately split in the direction of losing consciousness that include a number of different symptoms such as annoyance, vertigo, (normally lack the characteristic of true dizziness), tiredness, bad temper, and complexity.


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