Urgent Care Business Plan

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This article will not consider building an urgent care center from the ground up.Such a construction project involves considerations beyond the discussion here.

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The DOCS Urgent Care is the #1 choice for Connecticut families for treating minor injuries, illnesses, and all other non-life threatening, urgent medical needs. Our Urgent Care open 365 days a year with extended weekday/weekend hours based on location.

Our 15 locations across Connecticut offer efficient care by expert health professionals at a fraction of the price of a hospital visit. The staff at DOCS Urgent Care are board-certified physicians here in Connecticut and professionally trained health care providers.

Here is how you do it: Complying with regulations Urgent care centers must comply with applicable zoning, building and health department or similar regulations.

At the same time, do not get caught in the trap of over-complying.

Knowing what regulations to meet may be a challenge.

For instance, in some jurisdictions, if you use sedation in your urgent care center, even if it is a low dose, you may need to meet local health department regulations or standards of accrediting organizations whose imprimatur you desire or require.

Generally, the contractor will take the lead in securing building permits and walking inspectors–electrical, HVAC, and fire marshals, for instance–through the job.

An inspector can demand changes if he interprets the code differently than your team–insisting that additional lights or strobes be added, that door swings for safe exit be changed, even that additional protection be added to combustion-proof rooms for chemical storage.

Marisa Manley is president, Healthcare Real Estate Advisors, a nationwide real estate consulting and advisory firm.

Competition among urgent care centers has increased as they have become a more important and common feature in the American healthcare landscape.


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