Victim Of Robbery Essay

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Criminal justice professionals work to solve crimes and ensure that justice is served; however, they also play an important role when it comes to helping victims of crime.It’s important to note that criminal justice professionals do more than put criminals away.

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Victim Of Robbery Essay

Victimologists also study how victims are portrayed in the media to understand both the short- and long-term impact of being affected by crime.This includes the impacts of crime on individual victims and their families, society at large, and even criminals themselves,” according to The Balance.Criminologists study elements like the frequency, location, causes and types of crime, then work to develop “effective and humane means of preventing it,” The Balance continues.From an offender’s perspective, street robbery is favoured for being quick and profitable – it nets cash as well as goods and drugs.Through interviews with offenders it has been found that they largely make rational decisions in the crime event, based on cost-benefit reasoning.Undergraduate study in criminal justice is an ideal way to prepare for many law enforcement careers in victimology and more.West Virginia State University offers a fully online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree that gives students a theoretical and practical understanding of the modern criminal justice system.OFFENDERS: International research has determined that most offenders for street robbery are young (under 30 years) and male.In some places there appears to be a greater representation of persons from ethnic minorities and deprived backgrounds, but this is not universal and may be interrelated.There are also particular goods which are most frequently stolen (known for their specific qualities as CRAVED items).These are cash and purses/wallets, small electronic goods (mobile phones, cameras, mp3 players, and laptops), jewellery and drugs.


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