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In present era when communication is of paramount importance in all fields, its effectiveness is of utmost importance for the audience.Communication in form of presentations or speech has become an indispensable part of office meetings, all-hands meet of various organizations, college dissertations, seminars etc.Each student has a personal workspace with 24-hour access, seven days a week.

We focus on teaching how to combine words with images, continually refining and re-defining your personal vision.

Our faculty is made up of illustrators, fine artists, computer artists, writers, art historians and art directors.

Join us this fall to explore graduate study at SVA!

These opportunities are specifically for individuals that are in progress or have already earned a Bachelor’s degree and are interested in MFA, MPS, MAT and MA degrees.

The program is difficult, demanding and highly selective.

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At the same time, it is an opportunity to be with exceptional artists like yourself exchanging ideas and sharing information, as well as simply hanging out.

It is a classroom-based curriculum, unlike many graduate programs where students work independently with scheduled faculty oversight.

Close interaction between faculty and student, as well as with other classmates, is an essential part of the creative process that is our program.

Having learnt the role of visual aids in creating a presentation impact, it is important to learn that there are certain rules of using visual aids and not letting them become visual distractions instead.

Projectors used in presentations must be placed at a height that is comfortable to you as well the listener, the lens must be free of dust and while presenting, the full view screen should be available to the participants.


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